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Conference Venue Stadsgehoorzaal


The Stadsgehoorzaal is one of the largest concert halls in the city center of Leiden. Most of the STI 2018 Conference takes place in the Aalmarktzaal, one of the halls of the Stadsgehoorzaal.
The Aalmarktzaal is the newest hall in the Stadsgehoorzaal and was built in 2004, when part of the building was renovated. The Stadsgehoorzaal has a long history. It was built in 1891, after the original Stadsgehoorzaal was destroyed by a large fire. The Stadsgehoorzaal is an impressive example of neorenaissance architecture, which is hardly present anymore in the Netherlands.

The uniqueness, history and location of the Stadsgehoorzaal make it the ideal place for the coming STI 2018 Conference.

Gevel breestraat vrij

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Breestraat 60
2311 CS Leiden

The location is wheelchair accessible.

There is also an entry at the other side of the building (see picture above) at Aalmarkt 7. The directions on this page are for this address.

Public transport

The Stadsgehoorzaal is located in the historical city centre of Leiden and can easily be reached by public transport. You can plan your whole trip to the Stadsgehoorzaal by public transport on the web page http://9292.nl (Dutch) or http://9292.nl/en (English).

By train

The city of Leiden can be reached by different types of trains (Fyra, Intercity Direct and HSL don’t stop in Leiden). To plan your trip by train, you can use http://www.ns.nl (Dutch) or http://www.ns.nl/en/travellers/home (English).

As soon as you arrive at Leiden Central Station, several bus lines can bring you to the location within 10 minutes (see: by bus). By foot, it takes you around 15 minutes from the Central Station to reach the Stadsgehoorzaal and it takes you around 5 minutes by bike.

Directions from Leiden Central Station (A) to Stadsgehoorzaal (B) by foot or by bike:

routeStadsgehoorzaal PNG


By bus

From Leiden Central Station, take one of these buses and go off at bus stop ‘Breestraat’:

Line 2 direction Oranjewijk
Line 4 direction Leiden Zuidwest
Line 45 direction Den Haag Centraal
Line 169 direction Alphen a/d Rijn
Line 182 direction Alphen a/d Rijn
Line 187 direction Gouda
Line 400 direction Zoetermeer






Or take one of these buses and go off at bus stop ‘Kort Rapenburg’:

Line 1 direction Leiderdorp Alrijne Zkh
Line 3 direction Staion de Vink
Line 5 direction Voorschoten Starrenburg



Directions from bus stop Breestraat to Stadsgehoorzaal: Directions from bus stop Kort Rapenburg to Stadsgehoorzaal :
route klein links nieuw route klein rechts nieuw



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